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Anna Rawson To Join Illustrious Ranks Of Discount Website Peddlers

Fore: Golfer Anna Rawson is the newest Go Daddy Girl. I believe the key word is "tasteful." [Oob Golf]

I hear it's the hardest part: Why do sports people just love to make you wait? [Pyle of List]


Reserve power: Pushing a ref? That's an ejection. And that's why you have Curtis Joesph on your team. [FanHouse]

Even Crockett and Tubbs wouldn't have tried that: Wow, Miami really got hosed on that stadium deal. But I'm sure a Marlin based economy will work out fine. [Above The Law]

No level jumping: Don't worry (good) Yankee fans. The plebes from the bleacher will not disrupt your batting practice routines. [New Stadium Insider]

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