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Announcement: Deadspin Comments Are Here. Behave!

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Well, you can't yell at us about this anymore (or maybe now you can!): We at Deadspin proudly present Deadspin Comments, on all posts starting, like, now. Like the other sites in our sadistic Gawker family, all commenters require an invitation, lest the whole enterprise turn into an angry Minnesota Vikings message board. We're not being snobs; we're just trying to make sure it's a productive place full of mirth and vinegar. (If you're currently registered through any other Gawker Media sites, you're already signed up for Deadspin too.)


The invites will be filtering out by email this afternoon, so if we've corresponded with you before or we just like the cut of your jib, be on the lookout today for your invite. If you didn't get one and would like one, make your case and send it to, or look for an invite from a friend; we've sent out a bunch of extras for ya'll to share, Gmail-style. If you have any further questions, make sure to check out our FAQ.

But yeah. Comments are here. Let's be safe out there.

Deadspin Comments FAQ

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