Announcing Cliches In Soccer, Ranked

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The World Cup didn’t quite feel the same without Ian Darke to call it, but at least there was another month of (mostly) British announcers populating our soccer broadcasts. Here’s a celebration of the phrases only heard when watching the beautiful game.

  1. “A cracking shot”/“An absolute cracker”
  2. “An absolute howler”
  3. “Orgasmic”/“Celestial” (Ray Hudson only)
  4. “A cynical challenge”
  5. “And now (attacking team) is asking the questions”
  6. “Park the bus”
  7. “Queueing up a cross”
  8. “Substitution for an injection of pace”
  9. “Tremendous bit of skill”
  10. “Did well to cut out that pass”
  11. “If you don’t buy a ticket, you can’t win the lottery”
  12. “Top of the table”
  13. “Schoolboy defending”
  14. “Cleared only as far as (midfielder)”
  15. “Like for like”
  16. “In-swinger”/“Out-swinger”
  17. “Rainy night in Stoke”
  18. Studiously keeping track of the corner count
  19. Running into a parked bus
  20. “On frame”