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Anonymous Web People Claim There's A Gay Net

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Today in Unsubstantiated Web Rumors That We Merely Link To Rather Than Report Ourselves In Order To Give Us Some Sort Of Half-Assed Way Out In Case The Story Turns Out To Be Complete Bullshit, Which Seems More Than A Little Likely, But Hey It's Still Fun And Will Make For Some Pretty Amusing Comments So Don't Yell At Us We're Just A Blog After All: Web site Media Take Out, which claims to have "all the African-American news" — and recently touted its Cuttino Mobley Looking Gay In Pictures! photos — is claiming to have interviewed a family member of a "prominent member" of the New Jersey Nets, who supposedly just told them that he's bisexual.

In an exclusive interview, spoke with a friend of the family who claims the player "came out" during a recent trip home. According to our source, "when [the player] came out of the closet, everyone was shocked ... we would always see pictures of him with models. No one suspected that he was into men."

And what's more shocking, tells our source, is that the NBA player has entered into a romantic relationship with one of his childhood friends. The tipster explains, "the two boys were friends since childhood ... when [the player] went to the NBA, he brought along [the friend] as a personal assistant." The tipster added, "I don't know how to feel, I love them both but something doesn't seem right about them being together like that."

The "clues" the site gives include that the player usually dates Caucasian women and that he is "also known for enjoying the night life with his teammates and good friend Tyson Beckford."

So you know, this story is as unsubstantiated as stories go and should be absorbed for entertainment purposes only. Are you not entertained? Because we are. Wee!


NBA Player Comes Out Of The Closet [Media Take Out]

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