Another Angry Voicemail: "What In The Hell's Wrong With You?" Said The Tebow Fan To The Local TV Station

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Another day, another angry voicemail. This one comes to us from a Pittsburgh TV anchor, who writes in:

This voicemail comes from mid January — back when Tebowmania was at its apex — after The Chosen One and the Broncos eliminated the Steelers on the first play of overtime in their wild-card matchup. There were athletes from other sports joining in during the waning moments of Tebow's relevance, and on our 6pm news we showed highlights of an NHL player "Tebowing" after a goal, and maybe a golfer or soccer player — some other idiot athlete Tebowing. So I'm discussing this with our other anchors, on the air, afterwards saying something along the lines of "This Tebowing has gone too far, it needs to stop."

Well, the attached voicemail is what I got in response to this statement. Keep in mind, all I said was, "This Tebowing needs to stop."

Do all Pittsburgh people pronounce God that way? I didn't realize Pittsburgh was located in Maine.


If you have any angry voicemails (and if you don't, what's wrong with you?), send them our way. It's a new feature, everyone!


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