We start your lazy Thursday morning off with some intense, terrifying pain. You're welcome.

We were talking to someone yesterday about why homemade videos were so compelling, even when nothing all that exciting happens in them. We think it's because, from the second we start watching, we get the sense that the people involved in the video think there's nothing interesting about their video at all. They're just filming the same dumb normal boring stuff we all go through on a daily basis. But when a video, like this one, or Super Trampoline Basketball, or those Penn State fans, makes it to us, there's a moment of anticipation, an immediate sense, before anything has even happened, that this must be special, considering it somehow filtered its way to us. It's self-governing, this forwarding of funny videos, and we think it's made office life more tolerable over the last two years, since it started happening. If a bit more painful.