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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Another NFL Coach Bites It...And It's Not Herm Edwards

Illustration for article titled Another NFL Coach Bites It...And Its Not Herm Edwards

Actually it's...Jon Gruden?!?! The Tampa Bay Buccaneers fired their doll-faced head coach last night. Gruden's Bucs hadn't won a playoff game since winning Super Bowl 37, and had missed the playoffs four of his last six seasons, including a tremendous December collapse this season, starting 9-3 and still missing the playoffs. Raheem Morris, who had been the Bucs' defensive coordinator since, oh, Christmas, will replace Gruden, and personnel director Mark Dominik will replace GM Bruce Allen, who was also shitcanned.


But seriously, how is Herm Edwards the only coach to not be fired this offseason? And he has a brand-new general manager, no less. I can only assume that Herm is an FBI plant, maintaining his position solely to gather intel on the drug trafficking scene in Kansas City. And that the Chiefs are in cahoots with the feds. And that's truly the least ridiculous reason I can fathom for that man still having a job.

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