Another Way To Assure Your Child A Life Of Misery

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In an example of creative nomenclature that could only have come from Ohio, a couple has named their child "Tressel Hayes Huffines."

So [the new mother] let the name roll off her tongue — Tressel, Tressel Hayes, Tressel Hayes Huffines. She talked to family and friends. And she considered what naming their first child — their first son — after two OSU legends said about her and her husband.

"If nothing else, it assures the Buckeye tradition stays in the family," Mr. Huffines said, laughing. "Can you imagine someone named Tressel Hayes going to Michigan for college?"

Personally, we wish they could have sneaked a "Clarett" in there (or, to be sadistic, an "Urban"). We are fans of this idea; we would like to see a Lions fans name their girl "Millen Mornhinweg."

A Born Winner? Tressel Hayes Is Newest OSU Fan [Columbus Dispatch]