Anthem Respecter Jerry Jones Doesn't Even Respect The Anthem By His Own Standards

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Last week, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and his son Stephen boasted about the team’s expectations that every player stand for the pregame national anthem, or otherwise find himself out of a job. Dallas-based sportscaster Dale Hansen of ABC affiliate WFAA called out Jones for his intimidation tactics, as well as his hypocrisy.

A partial transcript:

Jones and his son Stephen were saying the other day that any player who takes a knee and doesn’t toe the line during the national anthem won’t be playing for the Dallas Cowboys anymore. It’s incredible to me that a player can beat up a woman and play for the Dallas Cowboys, a player can use illegal drugs, time and time again, and still play, but you take a knee to protest the racial injustice in America and now you’ve crossed a line that he will not allow.

Jones loves and respects the national anthem so much that when it was being played before the start of practice Saturday, he left his cap on. And when he was told about the mistake he was making, he still left his cap on.

Hansen wasn’t the only one fed up with Jones’s shit. Yesterday the Cowboys owner said that the NFL told him to shut up about the league’s still-undetermined national anthem policy, so any media outlets hoping to get him to double down on his bad takes are out of luck. Is the NFL’s shadow commissioner losing his clout?


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