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Anthony Davis Tried Hard Not To Smile At LeBron James's Dagger

On Wednesday night, Anthony Davis showed the Lakers what they missed out on by, uh, offering their entire team to a chaotic New Orleans front office that had no desire to let its superstar move to California: in just 21 minutes of *cough* injury-mandated *cough* court time, Davis went 10-for-14 from the field for 22 points, tacking on eight rebounds for good measure.

However, the Pelicans also demonstrated why Davis is looking to leave, as not even that type of night from him and 35 points from Julius Randle could overcome the Lakers and, specifically, LeBron James. With 31 seconds remaining in the fourth quarter, and the Lakers up by three, LeBron decided to remind people that, when he actually cares about the game of basketball more than his next glass of red wine, he’s still capable of some ridiculous shit.

Case in point:

Props to the cameraman whose only job on Wednesday was to run a Brow Cam, as Davis could barely contain a smile as his presumptive future teammate put his current teammates out of their misery.


If you pause the video just right, you can hear “California Dreamin’” emanating from Davis’s eyes:

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The Pelicans are now seven games out of the eighth seed, having lost three of their last four; the only win was against, who else, the Lakers. Davis did not suit up for that one, but Wednesday’s L.A. crowd got both a good reminder of why he’s worth so much trouble and why they should be hopeful that they will eventually get to root for a purple-and-gold-clad Davis in the very near future.

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