I’d like to make particular note of this big dunk.

Davis was mostly matched up against either much smaller players tonight (like Kenneth Faried, but really, most players are smaller than Davis) or slower ones (Jusuf Nurkic) and he exposed the inadequacies of every defender who checked him. Davis takes a lot of jumpers, but he’s so long that almost any shot is a comfortable one for him. He’s as liable to dunk on your head as he is to pop it in your face, and he also has the wingspan of a condor, which makes defending every action that much harder.


For all of his physical gifts, Davis has yet to truly assert himself as an elite defensive player (Monta Ellis had more defensive win shares than him last year, somehow). Gaudy block and steal numbers aren’t necessarily indicative of lockdown defense, but they do show that he’s playing aggressively, which seems like it’ll help since he’s so stretchy and disruptive.

The Pelicans did not, however, win tonight. For all Davis’s heroics, the rest of the Pelicans mostly played like a bunch of turds. They are not a particularly deep team and they don’t have any dynamic players beyond Davis and I suppose Lance Stephenson, depending how in-control he is. This team won’t be good this year unless Buddy Hield is in fact the second coming of Jesus Christ, but Anthony Davis is still the shit.