The problem, as we are all far more aware of than we’d probably like to be, is that Brown’s helmet is more than 10 years old and the NFL does not certify equipment that is more than a decade old. But there is a loophole, discovered by Pro Football Talk, that could allow Brown to keep playing this season with his preferred model of helmet. If he can find a Schutt Air Advantage that is less than 10 years old, then it would be certified for game use. The problem, as PFT points out, is that the Schutt Air Advantage was discontinued in 2011, meaning there aren’t that many helmets that fit the criteria floating around out there.

Anyway, if you happen to have an old (but not too old) Schutt Air Advantage sitting in your garage somewhere, please get in touch with Antonio Brown as soon as possible. Or maybe the wealthy professional football team he plays for could figure out a way to get its hands on one for him.