Antonio Brown Lists His Demands While Sweating Profusely On An Elliptical

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Antonio Brown continued his public campaign to get himself out of Pittsburgh by posting a lengthy video on his Instagram account yesterday. The video features a sweaty Brown jogging on an elliptical, shouting motivational phrases at himself, having a FaceTime call with a pal, and revealing what he’d like out of his next team and contract.

The notable stuff starts at about the 4:40 mark:

If your squad want to win, and your squad want a hungry wide receiver who the best in the whole world, someone hit my phone. Tell ‘em I ain’t doing no unguarantees, I ain’t even gonna play myself no more for this NFL, you heard? I think I done everything. What y’all think? What’s left for me to do? Win the Super Bowl? Gotta be the right team for that, right?


Hey, if your team got guaranteed money, tell ‘em call me. AB can’t do no more unguarantees. So we clear. I want y’all to be clear and understand something: this is not a game, people. This is not for show. This is not to be cool. This is really to inspire you that, yo, no one can determine your destination but you.

If nothing else, Brown is expanding the No Days Off social media genre to include contract and trade demands. Maybe next he’ll post a picture of a stalking lion with “TRADE ME TO KANSAS CITY” pasted over it.