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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Antonio Bryant Mouths Off About ESPN Because Some Suggested He Mouthed Off A Lot

Illustration for article titled Antonio Bryant Mouths Off About ESPN Because Some Suggested He Mouthed Off A Lot

Antonio Bryant had a brilliant performance Monday night when he tallied 200 yards receiving, two touchdowns and an amazing one-handed end zone catch that sent Mike Tirico's heart aflutter. The 5-year wideout is enjoying a career year for the Bucaneers, after brief, unsuccessful stints with the Cowboys, Browns, and 49ers. Bryant was traded by the Cowboys after reported clashes with Bill Parcells, released from the 49ers after battles with then head coach Mike Nolan, and also was suspended from the league for four games in 2006 after a drunk driving arrest. So, he's had some issues — baggage, if you will — mostly stemming from his volatile attitude. ESPN's Trent Dilfer and Emmitt Smith made reference to Bryant's "baggage" during Monday night's broadcast and, surprisingly, Bryant wasn't happy with their observations:

"I'm being serious. I'm a real person and that bull—— Emmitt said on the TV about 'get my life right,' Trent Dilfer mentioned something about getting my life right outside of football. Last time I checked, man, don't be a hypocrite, man. This is me. A lot of y'all can't really walk on the same side of the street I can walk on and still go put on a suit. I can put on a suit just like you and get on TV and talk just like you. But I can still go home and still be me. So remember that, before you disrespect me like that on TV. I never said nothing bad about anybody out here, man, but just don't disrespect me like that. That's real. I'm out here, I'm a hard worker. I've always been a hard worker. So don't take that away from me, man, and just let me play football. If you've got something to say to me, say it...that's to Emmitt and Trent Dilfer. I really man that. That bothers me, man.'


You're a changed man, Antonio. Go put your suit on.

Bryant: ESPN, Dilfer, Smith "Disrespected me" [Bucs Beat]
Video here [PewterReport]

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