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Anyone Heard Any Good Jerry Sandusky Prison Rape Jokes?

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In the immediate wake of Jerry Sandusky being found guilty on many counts, guaranteeing him many, many years in prison followed by death, there's not a right way to feel. Go with elated, or relieved, or vengeful, or unsatisfied, believe that justice won out or as the mother of one of Sandusky's victims put it Friday night, "we all lost." A common reaction would be to feel little bits of all of these. A startlingly common reaction was to make rape jokes.

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There are more coming in by the second. They are without exception, offensively unfunny and unoriginal. Thousands of people have made the exact same joke, with returns that somehow manage to still be diminishing. Jerry Sandusky raped children, and now he's going to be raped in jail. DURRRR. It's not going to happen, pro-rape-in-certain-circumstances folks. Sandusky is being kept in isolation, and after his sentencing there is precisely zero chance that the locally famous and infamous prisoner will be put in with the general population. (And for accuracy's sake, the vast majority of prisons use liquid soap dispensers.)

So the Federal Pound Me In The Ass Prison stereotype lives on, with the conceit that rape can ever be a good thing. The irony is that all these internet white knights yucking it up about extrajudicial torture are just giving more power to the taboo that kept Sandusky's crimes from coming to light for so long.