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I considered going to check it out, but I was a little hesitant. Nothing against Jerry Bruckheimer, but I don't feel like giving up $8 to see him tackle any serious issues of culture, because I doubt it's going anywhere beyond the standard Hollywood "let's just make sure we all feel warm and fuzzy at the end" kind of approach.

That's just not Bruckheimer's game. Explosions, asteroids, car crashes, ill-tempered pirates... Bruckheimer's your guy. But if you're looking for anything more from him, like, oh, I dunno, something poignant or insightful, I think you're reaching. And by the same token, I wouldn't pay $8 to go see a Cornel West-directed film about lightsaber-wielding aliens who attempt to take over the NFL with their expertise in knife-throwing and Gracie Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Well, okay, I guess I would. But that isn't the point.

Anyone go see it? Is it pretty much how I'd envision it? Entertaining, but fairly standard? "Remember the Titans," but with a rounder ball? Am I way off?