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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Anyone Want A Photo Of David Aardsma's Penis?

Illustration for article titled Anyone Want A Photo Of David Aardsmas Penis?

The Mariners closer has allegedly taken a nude photo of himself and sent it to someone via cell phone, and now one enterprising individual wants to find it a suitable home.


The Aardsma meat-peeper* sent this email to, of all places, the Seattle Met, which was nice enough to forward along to us, since Deadspin has been an outlet for many a wayward dong (real and telestrated) over the past two years:

To whom it may concern:

I have a photo of Seattle Mariners pitcher David Aardsma that may be of interest to your magazine publication. Sent to my phone directly from Mr. Aardsma (camera phone of Mr. Aardsma clearly displayed in the picture itself) showing subject in VERY compromising position (i.e. fully nude). Considering his marital status and prominent position in the Seattle community, this photo necessitates significant attention. Due to the recent media coverage of Tiger Woods' similar situation, this topic is rather timely & appropriate in nature.

If you have any interest in acquiring this photo, feel free to contact me through this email address. Thank you for your time.


We have not sent an email to this individual about acquiring the photo. Yet.

* — "Meat-peeper" respectfully borrowed from Bomani Jones


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