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Anyway, Here's Paul Anka's Jazzy Cover Of "Wonderwall" Used In A Figure Skating Routine

Photo Credit: Julie Jacobson/AP
Photo Credit: Julie Jacobson/AP

This is the first Winter Olympics in which single figure skaters can perform to music with lyrics, allowing for some wonderful creative freedom. Germany’s Paul Fentz has chosen to use it to treat the world to Paul Anka’s swing jazz cover of “Wonderwall.”  

Today was not the day that they threw it back to Fentz, unfortunately, as he fell twice during his performance in the men’s single short program team event. But he’s been performing this routine for a while now; check it out at last month’s European Championships below:

Which brings us to the question: just how many times has Fentz had to listen to this song, and why did he (seemingly voluntarily) decide to inflict that experience upon himself?


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