Update Time! You know that crazy kid who ducked to let the ball hit the umpire behind him? Well, he is suffering some lingering ramifications.

The kid, Matt Hill, was supposed to walk on at Gordon College. Not any more.

Friend said he talked with McClanahan and Gordon College president Lawrence Weill in hopes of changing their minds. "The incident is so totally out of character for this kid, but the penalty has taken away his chance to play baseball for the college of his choice," Friend said. "It bothers the family that this one pitch has taken on a life of itself and overshadowed other aspects of people's lives and that family unit. I don't think anyone ever imagined that this was going to get on MSNBC and have 82,000 hits on YouTube.I know that the family is very low-key, humble group of people, and it's been very hard on them."

Oh, and the pitcher's brother was drafted. We still can't believe this doesn't happen all the time.

Umpire Face Beaning Update [Walk Off Walk]