Apparently, The Warriors Can Lose At Home

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In their their preview of the Suns-Spurs series, Free Darko, describing Stephen Jackson and the Golden State Warriors, wrote, "Stephen Jackson doesn't care because he has nothing to lose, and thus is invincible." For the first time, last night, his team looked like it cared, like it had a lot to lose, and the result was, therefore, self-evident.


Warriors fans are stunned — "I am stunned. I really didn't think it was possible. Did the Warriors just lose a playoff game at home?" — and the Jazz fans are a little too overconfident (the local paper is calling them "unbeatable."). But right now, the Jazz have the Warriors in the same position that the Pistons have the Bulls. Both those series might very well be over tomorrow night.

Oh, and we hope LeBron James didn't watch his former teammate Carlos Boozer last night, or he will never stop screaming.


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