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Our tipsters are the best. They find us the most obscure nuggets from the dusty corners of the Internet. But then, sometimes, they all decide to send us the same damn thing.

A sampling of the messages we've received via the Batphone:

Subject: Great Favre Parody

[link to video]

Subject: Bret Favre Rise Parody - blowing up

Saw this in a bunch of places (Barstool, Reddit, Guyism) thought you might like it. Parody of the Lebron thing from two months ago. Normally I'd say "Wow, this is old" but it's really really well done. [link to video]

Subject: Brett Favre: Rise

How have you guys not see this? [link to video]

Subject: Brett Favre: Rise

[link to video]

Subject: Brett Favre, What Should I Do? [Video]

[link to own blog hosting video]

Subject: Farve "What Should I Do?" video

8 jillion people must have submitted this to yall by now. How can you guys NOT post it? [link to video]

Subject: Brett Favre Masturbates: Rise - What should I do? Nike Parody...

[link to own blog hosting video]

Subject:Anti-Packer rap song and Favre gets "Risen"

[link to other video] ...and a much better one [link to video]

Subject: Favre

You guys may enjoy [link to video]

Subject: Great Parody: What should I do? with Brett Favre

[link to own blog hosting video]

Same guy, 22 hours later:

Subject: Another good Favre parody video

Simple but funny. Embedded here: [link to own blog hosting video]

Here's the video. Thanks for letting us know.


Thanks for your continued support of Deadspin. See you tomorrow.

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