We’ve been chronicling the hilarity of the Cubs’ attempts to renovate Wrigley Field this offseason, but things took a dark turn as the park opened for its first game Sunday night. An anonymous tipster sent us the above photo with the following explanation:

Hi, Wrigley is an unmitigated disaster tonight. Every bathroom line is roughly a block/30 mins long. Men are peeing against walls in the concourse. This is a real picture of a makeshift urinal I took right after a guy used it.

We’re also being inundated with photos of ridiculously long lines for the bathroom:



Apparently the desperate times have called for desperate measures. We can’t attest to the authenticity of the pee-in-cup photo, or claims that fans are waiting in line for up to an hour to pee, but if you’re at the game and you’ve seen something notable, email us at tips@deadspin.com.

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