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Are We Going To Stand For This? Hell 2 Da Naw!

The top catch phrases of 2006 were announced by Reuters today, and we must say we're a little confused. At No. 1 was "Stay the Course," and "If I Did It" came in at No. 2. We are unimpressed. But what followed next was truly baffling.

In third place was a series of emotion icons used in E-mail and text messages: "# - )" which Payack said meant "wasted." In fourth was "Airline Pulp," a Chinese/English hybrid way of describing food served aboard an airliner.


Please forgive Reuters; they're not from this country. We all know that the top four catchphrases of 2006 are ... hmm, that's a tough one. We have a particular fondness for "Grow Hoof, Grow" and "What The Fungus?" but there have been so many around here, it's really anybody's ballgame. What's the greatest Deadspin catch phrase of 2006? We have a pretty good idea of what No. 1 might be ... although we could be wrong. To play out the string on everybody's last office day before the holidays, we encourage you to roll around in the comments, if you're bored, which we suspect you are.

'Stay The Course' Named Top Catch Phrase Of 2006 [Reuters]

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