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Area Man Plays For The Brooklyn Nets

Image via NY1

NY1 ran a pleasant segment today with 26-year-old Seattle native Joe Harris, a foodie and newcomer to Fort Greene, Brooklyn. It’s a nice place for him to live and work, and no one ever bothers him on the street.

“I don’t really get recognized a whole lot. I blend in pretty well,” Harris said.


Brooklyn is also a great place for Harris to eat in peace. He shops at the Trader Joe’s over at City Point, and in the summertime, he loves to sample the offerings at Smorgasburg in Prospect Park. When it comes to pizza, he swears by Roberta’s, though our staff encourages Harris to try Santa Panza or Paulie Gee’s.

Harris walks or takes the train everywhere he needs to go, and the short commute works out well for him. In fact, four of his colleagues also live within a five-block walk. Sometimes food and work go hand in hand. “Sunset Park is a quick one stop for me on the D or the N,” Harris said. “It’s super easy. You kind of cut through Industry City almost to get to the practice facility so a lot of times I’ll just kind of walk through the food hall that’s over there.”

Harris also plays shooting guard for the Brooklyn Nets. When he scores, a snippet from The Godfather score plays in the arena. I was there to watch him hang 19 on the Celtics!

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