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Arena Football Will Not Come Back To You

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The president of the Tampa Bay Storm announced (via Facebook) that the AFL "will not be returning." Probably ever. Surprisingly, not playing the 2009 season didn't help to turn things around! Does this mean they file for Chapter 5.5 bankruptcy?


The financially troubled 50-yard indoor war had hoped to return for 2010, which let's face it, was a pipe dream from the very beginning. It's extremely hard for tickets sales to recover when you aren't holding games. Bad sign No. 2: Your franchise presidents not named Jon Bon Jovi now hold press conferences over Facebook. I've seen bake sales with better PR organizations.

It's a shame, really, because catching a Detroit Drive game back in high school was the most fun I ever had watching professional football in Detroit. Thankfully, AFL2 is still alive and kicking—does this qualify as irony?—so you can continue to get your fix of clumsy miniaturized football.


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