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Argentine Club President Runs Up In Players' Homes 40 Deep, Robs Them

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Jorge Abib is the club president of Argentina's Textil Mandiyú. He is insane. Why, just last night, multiple Textil players accused a possibly drugged-up Abib of rolling up to the players' apartment building with around 40 club ultras, busting into dozens of rooms, and breaking everything in sight while demanding the players give him back their paychecks or else he'd kill them.

Here's how TN reported the news, courtesy of Google Translate:

It is unusual and outrageous what happened this morning in Corrientes. Players for the Textil Mandiyú team that plays in the Federal A Tournament, reported that they were robbed by President George Abib and a group of hooligans from the club.

According to Patricio Gorgona, a member of the establishment, the leader and the hooligans entered the building where the players live. According to his account, they went to the apartments, hit pures and took a promissory note that had been given as payment for the last month.

"'I'll kill you, give me the note. You are a criminal,' said the president. They came with 15 or 20 people. This is a gangster attitude. Some note was taken I had already taken and others not," club captain Patricio Gorgona said to TN.


Some players complained that they also stole personal belongings: "Many of the boys ended up crying over anger, impotence and nerve."


Infobae recounts the story of two more Textil players who claim they were robbed:

Meanwhile, Rodrigo Mannara, formerly of Lanus and Racing, expanded the story revealing that "what we experienced last night was a terrible act of crime, the President entered the slaps, smashing everything and demanding the documents". Likewise, both Mannara as his partner Nicolas Gonzales stated that "he was probably under the influence of some narcotic drug, otherwise you cannot understand the reaction that he had".

"Because of the violence that had lived many jump from balconies to prevent everything from ending up a lot worse", admitted the two players who dared to face the microphones to denounce the serious fact.

The players believe the outburst was sparked by an earlier loss that ended their hopes of getting promoted to the second division. Some of the players were so shaken up that they returned home to Buenos Aires, where many of them are from.

Abib has denied the allegations. According to him, the players are exaggerating. Here's what he told TN:

"I have no ultras at my club. The players did not return the note from the previous months, and I told my accountant we do not pay the salary of this month if they did not return the note," said Abib to TN.

"I went to my apartment, I entered with my key, I knocked on the door and asked Gorgona for the note. I was accompanied by four or five people from the Commission," he added.


His response to Ellitoral was a little more combative:

However, Abib himself said that players lie, because it says that it was the department professionals to reclaim the notes that were already paid. He denied there was a violent situation.

"They're bums and drunks who robbed us believe Correntinos try to fool us" Abib said. "The accusers also take advantage of the club and try to scam you."


While there's still an argument about who the worst owner in sports is, if these allegations are anywhere close to the truth, we can safely say Jorge Abib is the worst president ever.

Photo via Minuto Corrientos

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