In case you needed more evidence that soccer fans in Argentina are the worst, we now have the case of MatĂ­as Fritzler. After a recent loss, Fritzler was signing autographs for his home fans when a guy attacked him, opening a pretty large cut over his left eye.

Here's how Fritzler described the event, according to the sports site Canchallena:

The assault was not for a football issue, but because it was the only thing he planted on his face. This guy had been insulting me from the tunnel. I was signing autographs for kids when he said something to me. I then told him to go to the parking lot and, when I turned around, he hit me. He caught me helpless because I had suitcases in my hand. When I received the blow, I thought I was falling. But a second later I had the reaction that anyone would, of madness, of wanting to run after him. But he disappeared pretty quickly. The people there grabbed me to prevent me from doing anything.

The video above (and this one, from a different angle) starts just after the punch was thrown, but you can see the damage to Fritzler's eye. The assailant has since been identified and banned from the stadium for life.


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