Foster's rant begins with the better part of a valid point. It is a bit rich that the largest beer company in the world is lecturing others about moral responsibility. Alcohol use is the fourth leading leading cause of preventable deaths in the United States according to the CDC, leading to tens of thousands of deaths every year. (It's not like beer companies have the best record with women, either.)

Foster goes off the rails when he gets into "damn near synonymous" territory, and wonders where all the outrage over domestic violence was in the past. But that's the whole point here! Even if everybody is just "riding the media wave" on the issue of domestic violence in football, good! Better late than never. Foster's logic—and the logic of a lot of people shouting down the fire the NFL finds itself in—is faulty because it's really asking why the media and sponsors weren't talking about it sooner, not why they're talking about it now.

Photo via Scott Halleran/Getty