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Arizona Man Loses Super Bowl Gig After Posting Credential On Facebook

Former DJ Russ Knight was picked to work Super Bowl XLIX in Phoenix as an assistant frequency coordinator. He was so excited that he Facebooked a photo of himself pointing at the credential around his neck. That picture cost Knight his job before he could even start it.

After Knight posted the photo, league security called to voice some concerns, and let him go. Via CBS 5:

"He said Russ, we've got a problem, " said Knight. "Apparently, on my picture, even though it's far away, they could zoom in and they could read my credential on the bottom."


"I can't blame anybody else," said Knight. "I was the guy. I was the fool who didn't read the fine print. I was that guy."


Knight took the screwup in stride. He plans to watch the Super Bowl on TV.

[CBS 5]

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