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Arkansas Razorbacks

1. Razorbacks Are Bad Asses. In the summer of 1977, school mascot Big Red III escaped from an animal exhibit near Eureka Springs. He ravaged the countryside before an irate farmer gunned him down. The following mascot, Ragnar, killed a coyote, a 450-pound domestic pig and seven rattlesnakes. Ragnar died in 1978 of unknown causes. My guess: indigestion.

2. Kid Of Doom? At birth, Arkansas guard Johnathon Modica's grandparents debated what nickname to give the newborn. "My husband had another nickname," Sarah Harris, Modica s grandmother, said. "He wanted to call him Kid of Doom. I said, 'No, that doesn't sound right.' I said, 'We re going to call him Pookie.' He ll always be Pookie to me."

3. Like A Dangerous Flock Of Birds. The University s first mascot was actually the Cardinals. During the 1909 football season, Arkansas was 5-0 with a tilt vs. LSU in Memphis on the schedule. A win would virtually guarantee Arkansas an undefeated season. After Arkansas won 16-0, a crowd of students and other fans gathered at the train station to welcome their team home. After getting off the train, head coach Hugo Bezdek delivered an impromptu speech, telling the crowd that the team had played "like a wild band of razorback hogs" in the victory over LSU. The team went undefeated (7-0), and the name stuck. The university officially adopted the mascot, the only porcine mascot in college athletics, in 1910, with drunken hog calls following closely behind. — Zac Cosner

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