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Arsenal Midfielder Jack Wilshere Accused Of "Taking Upskirt Photos In Club"


This post, written by Richard Gilzene, is republished with permission from The Spoiler. Go there often if you like soccer stuff.

Arensal's Jack Wilshere has been labeled "juvenile and rude"—a badge most 18-year-old footballers would wear with pride—after being kicked out of a nightclub for allegedly trying to take upskirt pictures of girls on the night he was arrested on suspicion of GBH.


20-year-old Josefin Rosen told The Sun a ‘drinking, but not drunk' Wilshere repeatedly pestered her and her 29 (twenty-nine) friends, who were all out celebrating a birthday in the VIP section of London club Amika on Sunday night:

Jack was trying to grab at me and my friend when we were dancing. He was drinking but wasn't that drunk.

Jack kept laughing and trying to take pictures up our skirts. He made me feel really uncomfortable. If I was his mother I'd be ashamed of him.

That's him told. Wilshere's spokesman denies the claims, but the club have confirmed Wilshere was ejected from the premises, saying:

We put up a barrier and provided security between the girls and Jack Wilshere's party. They were asked to leave.


And so, young Wilshere begins his journey down the road of a Premier League footballer, a road lined with nightclub-based shenanigans and finger-pointing accusations from twentysomething girls.

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