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Artie Lange Snorted Vicodin And Drank Some Whiskey Before Torching Joe Buck's HBO Show

Four 10-milligram Vicodin tablets, crushed up and snorted, and a couple of whiskeys, to be exact. This information comes to us from, and it gives us a bit more clarity on what exactly was going through Artie's mind when he went on Joe Buck Live and asked Joe Buck if his second favorite website was a lot of drugs and alcohol.

Aside from revealing what substances he was on during that fateful recording, Artie tells Xojane that he wasn't trying to actively sabotage the show:

"Joe and I were never enemies, and I didn't try to sabotage the show," Artie tells me. "I thought I was making the show funny, but like I do a lot, I had a poor lapse in judgment. And I was a little too rated R. More like rated X. It's hard when your first joke involves the word 'cocksucker,' for what I think they thought was going to be a family show."


Lange goes on to explain that Buck was very supportive of him in the aftermath of his grisly suicide attempt, and that Buck even agreed to write the foreword for his upcoming book.

Once again, we are forced to grudgingly admit that Joe Buck is actually a decent guy.

After he almost died, I told Artie Lange, "I love you"—then I jumped in his car to find out if he's sober []

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