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As Billy Donovan Turns ...

It has been a while since a sport's biggest stage has been overwhelmed with something as tedious as a potential coaching change. The most famous example, of course, was when Bill Parcells had his one foot out the door while supposedly preparing his New England Patriots in the Super Bowl. We never felt he took as big a hit to his reputation as he probably deserved for that little stunt.

It looks like we're having an encore this week, though, as Florida coach Billy Donovan continues to play footsie with Kentucky and its open coaching job. Some reports say they've already offered him a contract, and there's no question he's their top candidate. That might be all fine and good — though we don't understand why he'd want to leave a school he could lead to two consecutive titles — but certainly now's not the time to be discussing it? Donovan could have eliminated this whole storyline with a well-placed "I'm coaching the Final Four this week, and that's all I care about," but instead he pulled that "well, I don't know where Kentucky stands, so I can't worry about that" ploy that set everybody off and will surely increase his price tag.


It is frustrating that much of a Final Four this potentially amazing will be tied up in discussing the bank account of Billy Donovan, but we fetishize coaches and probably always will. Even ones as scary as Billy Donovan.

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(UPDATE: A Lexington TV station says the Donovan-to-Kentucky deal will be announced after the Final Four.)

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