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Lawnmower racing may or may not be the national sport of New Zealand; we're not clear on our Kiwi stereotypes. But we do know this: any mower race that ends in fisticuffs is automatically the best mower race of all time.

I'm just going to blockquote a large chunk of this story, because, c'mon, what do you want me to say? It's a fight at a damn lawnmower race.

The race was over and a guy on quite a large machine shunted a guy on a smaller machine sideways.

"The guy on the smaller machine climbed up on to the bigger machine while it was still being shunted and started throwing punches."

The witness estimated about six punches were landed before the man shunting the smaller machine started defending himself and the fight was broken up.

"He had pretty long arms, so the guy was still swinging, but couldn't connect. That's when people started running over to break it up.

"It was lucky the guys involved were wearing helmets."

Many locals in the crowd showed embarrassment that two grown men should fight over something so stupid, while many teenage males egged it on, the witness said.

The two drivers are believed to be an Alexandra lawnmower dealer and a Queenstown lawnmowing contractor.

Lake Hayes A&P Show committee chairman Mike Smith said the punch-up appeared to be the result of a feud between the two men that show organisers were unaware of, and were keen to distance themselves from.


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Day's over. Go shunt yourselves sideways.

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