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We don't like to get political out here โ€” at all โ€” but we did find this document amusing, right on the cusp of the NCAA tourney. It's a comprehensive look at the political contributions oif major sports figures. We don't think this information means anything โ€” other than that it's hysterical that Don King has given more money than anyone else, and to both parties extravagantly โ€” but we so rarely get a glimpse of the viewpoints of athletes that we had to toss it up.

From the NCAA tourney, the political leanings (alloting for the fact that just because someone donates to a Democrat does not necessarily mean they are one):

Jim Boeheim, Syracuse
Jim Calhoun, Connecticut
John Chaney, Temple
Lee Corso, ESPN
Digger Phelps, ESPN
Dean Smith, North Carolina

Bobby Knight, Texas Tech
Jim Nantz, CBS
Lute Olson, Arizona
Eddie Sutton, Oklahoma State

The comprehensive list gives both sides of the political aisle pause; Republicans must live with the fact that they share ideologies with Alex Rodriguez, while Democrats share the same side as Isiah Thomas.


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(UPDATE: It has been pointed out that the biggest contributor is not Don King but, in fact, is David Stern, 98 percent of which goes to Democrats.)