Photo credit: Shutterstock/Victory Jeffreys II; Art by Bobby Finger

We here at Gawker Media are in the business of telling the truth, but we’re also in the business of collaboration. You’ve probably noticed posts from across the Gawker network appearing here on Deadspin, and you’ve probably seen our posts appear on our sister sites. Splicing blogs from site to site is a good and necessary way to broaden the focus of our sites, as well as expose our readers to new topics, writers, and ideas. It’s a sneakily important part of working here, but oftentimes, you have to go nagging your coworkers on Slack to share your blog with the world.

Maybe you read Ashley Feinberg’s recent blog post yesterday about her dumbest pitches that ended up getting shot down by management. It accurately shows Ashley’s ambition to write boundary-pushing stories, like a review of Mein Kampf, which you’d have to agree is nothing if not boundary-pushing. It also offers a glimpse onto an uncomfortable truth: Ashley Feinberg is the best and most relentless splice hunter around. With the interest of full transparency in mind, here is a running list of times Feinberg has attempted to persuade us to splice her blogs over to Deadspin, as well as some guest appearances from our friends at the other Gawker sites.

Please splice this blog post.