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Reader Paul attended today's Blackhawks victory parade in downtown Chicago. Instead of seeing Patrick Kane get nice and toasty, he saw asshole teenagers doing what asshole teenagers do best: be asshole teenagers. His story, a video, and more photos after the jump.

Take it away, Paul:

So I just returned from the parade, it was pretty excellent. During the way too long video presentation and before the player speeches, these 16 to 17 y/o kids climbed on top of this street cleaning vehicle, chugging beers and spraying the rest of the crowd with whatever is left. The crowd got tired of this pretty quickly once (supposedly) a 2 year old got hit by one of the bandwagon douches' full beer. The crowd started to pelt the kids with bottles, cans, anything they could get their hands on. As the gang on top of the street cleaner disperses, one girl goes batshit crazy. She stays up there alone. It was like her last stand, her Alamo. Until, that is, she gets hit in the face with a full water bottle and had to be pulled off the rig.


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