Asshole Will Muschamp Blames Alarming Maryland Football Report On "Gutless" Former Coaches And Lousy Players

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Here is South Carolina head football coach Will Muschamp—a meathead sack of shit—commenting on reports that the Maryland football program run by D.J. Durkin was toxic and subjected players to intimidation, humiliation, and extreme physical exhaustion, factors that may have contributed to the death of sophomore Jordan McNair:

This motherfucker. Muschamp has reserved no condemnation for coaches whose current and former players and colleagues say ran a hostile and abusive program, but has open contempt for people who speak out anonymously—in some cases because they fear retaliation as current members of Durkin’s football team—and for reporters who collect those anonymous accounts and use them to report on the condition of the program where a kid fucking died this summer. These football men are a fucking menace.