A fan at Kauffman Stadium posted photos on Facebook which show Astros bullpen catcher Javier Bracamonte giving away baseballs and his gear to fans after Wednesday night’s loss to the Royals.

The Astros were eliminated from the postseason with the defeat. David Dahmer, who posted the photos, says Bracamonte gave away his catcher’s gear, candy, and all the baseballs near him:

Dahmer later updated his post, and said that Bracamonte reached out with his own short message:

Thank you so much Sr that what baseball is about I just a kid come from venezuela to play baseball to USA my dream come true working for the houston astros and wan be sure the kids really enjoy come to a Mlb game that why I’m really enjoy playing catch before the game with them put a big smile on those kids.


Javier Bracamonte is a nice baseball man.

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