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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Astros Owner Open To Signing Roger Clemens, But Doesn't Want It To Be A "Publicity Stunt"

Illustration for article titled Astros Owner Open To Signing Roger Clemens, But Doesnt Want It To Be A Publicity Stunt

You have to give the Astros credit. If they're going to go through with this Roger Clemens cahoots-laden charade, they're going to try and squeeze every last revenue dollar out of it.


Astros owner Jim Crane addressed the Clemens situation Thursday night in an interview with Houston's Fox 26:

Crane said he would seek approval from Major League Baseball before going forward with any potential decision concerning Clemens.

Clemens will return to professional baseball for the first time since 2007 when he pitches on Saturday for the Sugar Land Skeeters against the Bridgeport Bluefish in an Atlantic League game.

"If it goes alright and he comes to us, we'll talk to baseball about it at length," Crane said in an interview with FOX 26 Sports.

"The only thing we don't want to do is make it a publicity stunt. If we did it, I want to try and take it and turn it into a positive, which would be Roger's doing it for the good of baseball. The extra proceeds on the game might go to the (Astros') community charity deal to build (baseball) fields, do something positive out of it.

"I think the fans might like it. It might be fun and certainly get a few people in the ballpark. I don't see anything negative about that, but the Astros wouldn't want to do it for the money, the extra gate or anything like that."

Clemens already has a personal services contract with the Astros.

About an hour before FOX 26's report dropped, Jayme Lamm, who is slated to cover Clemens's debut with the Sugar Land Skeeters on Saturday for ESPN Classic, tweeted that "baseball ops" sources are telling her that the plan would be for the 50-year-old Clemens to pitch two games for the Astros, for reasons that aren't readily clear to anyone with a comprehension for logic and/or reasoning.


Nope, definitely not a publicity stunt!

The saddest thing is that Astros fans, by and large, seem like a legitimately good bunch of well-meaning people, and they can't possibly deserve a fraction of the very public misery being heaped upon them throughout this clusterfuck of a season. I don't see how this sideshow does anything to actually help the ball club, aside from getting a few extra butts through the turnstiles. But if Clemens does appear in an Astros game at some point, that five-year Hall of Fame eligibility clock will most certainly be reset, so there's that.

Jim Crane is open to idea of Roger Clemens pitching for Astros this season [FOX 26]

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