Good news, Russians. Is time for Hooters!

The good people of Russia have been living in a dark and sad country that does not offer its citizens a place to watch sports, eat chicken wings, and ogle large-breasted waitresses under the same roof. Thanks to Brooklyn Nets forward and Russian hero (?) Andrei Kirilenko, that's about to change, because AK-47 is opening up five Hooters restaurants in Moscow.

Kirilenko recently spoke to Bloomberg Business, explaining why he thinks Hooters will thrive in Russia:

"Russians and Americans are more alike than different โ€” huge sports fans who are looking for great food and good times," Kirilenko said. "When you've got waitresses that look like ours, it's a slam dunk.'


But that doesn't mean that Hooters won't face challenges while trying to catch on in a new country:

While many Russians are aware of the Hooters brand from Hollywood films, the biggest challenge will be overcoming the notion "that it's a strip bar," Kirilenko said.


Yes, I can see how that might be a problem.