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At Least One Person Still Collects Football Cards

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I was not aware that anyone still manufactured or collected football cards—I kind of chose not to be aware—but the market is apparently still strong enough that an on-duty police officer recently felt compelled to shoplift some from a general store.


Even more shocking, someone cares enough about unauthorized access to football cards that they risked a lifetime of Cop Land-style police brutality in order to turn the guy in. Justice is best served with a stale stick of gum. As you might expect, the following story took place in Iowa:

Eric D. Kennedy, 36, faces a misdemeanor theft charge after a hidden camera allegedly recorded him slipping packs of football cards into his pockets without paying for them at the Casey's General Store, 1455 Grant St. S., Polk County Sheriff William McCarthy said Wednesday.

Kennedy was in uniform and on duty at the time of the alleged thefts, McCarthy said.

"I have no idea what the motivation was," McCarthy said. "It's a waste."

Kennedy was placed on paid administrative leave after receiving a fifth-degree theft citation Monday, McCarthy said.

The total value of the cards taken cannot exceed $200 under Iowa law for a fifth-degree theft charge.


Is that $200 the total value of all existing football cards in the state of Iowa, or just the ones he stole?

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