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At Least The Dallas Defense Let Alshon Jeffery Happen

The Bears dismantled the Cowboys 45-28 and it was nowhere near that close. Tonight was the third time this year a team has gone an entire game without punting, and the second time it happened against Dallas. Josh McCown threw for 348 yards and four touchdowns against this Dallas defense. With six seconds left in the game Dallas tried an onside kick, Chicago recovered and took a knee. It was the only possession the Bears didn't score on.

There are more sentences to be written about how bad the Cowboys defense played. For instance, this next one. There were times Matt Forte ran near a Dallas defender and it was like that brick wall he thought he saw was actually a cloud and he just ran right through it. They dropped interceptions, or had interceptions nullified for penalties on passes they were able to hang on to. Chicago scored so often that the Romo and his own three touchdowns couldn't keep up.

If there's one saving grace for having watched this defense, it's that it also made that Alshon Jeffery wizardry at the end of the first half possible. McCown scrambled and somehow placed a 25-yard ball perfectly, while Jeffery simultaneously placed his body perfectly, getting his two feet in as the ball just landed in his hands and never moved again.


But then there's this: the Dallas defense made Kyle Orton playing possible. He was 3-5 for 40 yards.

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