We find it telling that, the day after Josh Beckett once again saved the proverbial Red Sox hide, everyone was still talking about Manny Ramirez. It's amusing to watch reaction to Manny; people treat him like he's a normal human being rather than, you know, an alien. The trick is not to be mad that he didn't slide into home; the trick is to be impressed he didn't just go from third base straight into the dugout.

We're not quite ready to declare this an epic series now that Beckett has staved off the executioner for a couple of days; the atmosphere will be more friendly in Fenway, but Mr. Carmona is a terrifying Game 6 prospect. But the Red Sox made it to the weekend, and Cleveland, once again, doesn't get to clinch a World Series at home. But they don't have to look at Josh Beckett again either.

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