Photo: @kingjames

The Cleveland Cavaliers threw their Halloween party Monday, and LeBron James dressed up as Pennywise the Dancing Clown. He looked pretty scary in the light:

And even scarier in the dark:

LeBron’s costume is a good peg to propose an idea: Pro athletes should play in costumes on Halloween. Pennywise is unnerving when he’s just sitting there, but picture a LeBron-sized Pennywise throwing down a dunk in transition, then doing that creepy dance from It. Andre Iguodala shouldn’t hog that mental image to himself; everyone else ought to be able to see it in real life.


Steph Curry is outstanding; Jigsaw is a funny costume. What if Jigsaw crossed a defender up then sank a 35-foot three?

This idea isn’t merely restricted to basketball. Picture this: Oilers-Bruins. Bruce Cassidy calls for a line change, and who should hop the boards but Star Wars characters:


Princess Leia scores a goal, with Darth Vader and C-3PO notching the assists. A few minutes later, Chewbacca delivers a rough but clean hit to Connor McDavid as Donald Trump:

The Oilers take exception to the check; Eric Gryba, inside that goofy inflatable T-Rex costume, drops gloves and fights Chewie. For a moment, the fans forget that the score is 26-14 and go wild.


Please do not add any input, as this proposal is already perfect. Thank you.