Non-stop action from kickoff, an opening-minute goal from the all-of-the-sudden rejuvenated Fernando Torres, a dubious penalty call, two more incidents that could've easily led to pens, and five total goals made for a bonkers first half in today's Atlético Madrid-Barcelona Copa del Rey match. Then Gabi got himself red carded during halftime and Arda Turan came out chucking his shoe at the sideline judge, and things went full-blown insane.

Here's the video of Turan's boot-throwing, which was both the peak of the craziness and a signifier of its end, as Atléti realized they weren't going to score three goals while down a man:

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Turan somehow didn't get sent off, but Mario Suarez would get his second yellow before the night was over. So five goals, two reds, and a wild 50 minutes or so of action. Just another day in the Copa del Rey.