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Attorney In Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Tiger Woods Claims His Restaurant's Management Deleted Video Evidence

Illustration for article titled Attorney In Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Tiger Woods Claims His Restaurants Management Deleted Video Evidence
Photo: Chip Somodevilla (Getty)

The family of Nicholas Immesberger filed a wrongful death lawsuit in Florida court yesterday against Tiger Woods, his girlfriend Erica Herman, and Woods’s restaurant The Woods Jupiter, where Herman is a manager, alleging that the staff overserved Immesberger the night he died in a car crash in December.


Immesberger was an employee at The Woods, and on the evening of December 10, 2018, he ended his shift at 3 p.m., then left the restaurant three hours later. He lost control of his car and crashed it into a utility trailer. Immesberger had a blood-alcohol level of .256 at the time of his death, and his family said his coworkers knew he had a severe drinking problem. The suit claims employees of The Woods knew Immesberger had crashed a different car leaving work one month before his death, and that they were also aware he had attended Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

Attorneys Craig Goldenfarb and Spencer Kuvin, lawyers for the Immesberger family, announced today that they have evidence showing that The Woods management destroyed three hours’ worth of video from servers at the restaurant. The footage allegedly shows Immesberger drinking at the bar before leaving work:

“One of the most significant issues we have here is the destruction of evidence. Obviously it shows that somebody knew something had gone wrong and they wanted to get rid of that evidence. We have evidence to show that that videotape, showing Nick at the bar that night after he got off at 3 p.m., drinking for three hours at the bar, was destroyed shortly after the crash had occurred.”


Here’s the full press conference.

Woods responded to the lawsuit today at the PGA Championship.


Staff writer, Deadspin

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