Aubrey Huff is gonna love that I wrote about Aubrey Huff finally being kicked off Twitter — bye, Aubrey

Harassment and abuse should count for as much as COVID misinformation, but that troll got away with it forever

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Aubrey Huff, colossal idiot, has been banned from Twitter.
Aubrey Huff, colossal idiot, has been banned from Twitter.
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There was much rejoicing on Twitter yesterday, as former MLBer Aubrey Huff was kicked off the platform for God knows whatever he said this time.

Full disclosure: I got into it with Huff many times on Twitter, almost all of which ended up with him calling me some variation of fat, ugly, or undesirable, until he eventually got around to the ol’ baseball standby, “slumpbuster.” It was at that point my friends intervened and made me promise not to engage with him any further. But Aubrey Huff has no time for women who disagree with him, especially if they don’t fit his definition of what a woman should be, and thousands of men cheered him on. Twitter did nothing.


For years, many of us had been mystified as to how Huff was allowed to remain on Twitter in the first place, as much of his content catered to guys who want to be able to say whatever they want about women (or anyone, really) with zero consequences. Huff also loved making seemingly veiled references to abducting and sexually assaulting women, like the time he suggested America kidnap Iranian women and force them into slavery. “Let’s get a flight over and kidnap about 10 each. We can bring them back here as they fan us and feed us grapes, amongst other things…” Huff said, later using the old standby of his incredibly offensive tweet being a “joke,” that none of us who objected “got” because we are humorless assholes. Then there are the T-shirts Huff is hawking which proclaim “Alphas Don’t Ask Permission.” “Permission for what?” you ask. If you don’t know, you’re a beta cuck with low sexual market value, one of Huff’s favorite things to discuss.

I’m guessing Huff was finally removed from Twitter for something related to his brain dead takes on COVID and vaccinations, as any women who has ever spent time on Twitter knows that men don’t get suspended for suggesting women be raped, or talking about raping a woman, or even threatening to rape a specific woman. Heavens no, that doesn’t violate community guidelines. Luckily for us, as we’ve seen lately, the Venn diagram of the kind of men who love to abuse and harass women and the men who are anti-vaxxers is a flat circle.

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Huff took his Twitter suspension with his usual good grace, saying “It finally happened! The beta cucks and liberal Karen’s over @twitter hate when people speak the truth or make money if their liberal platforms!” (sic).


Aubrey Huff loves that I am writing this post, because it means that people are paying attention to Aubrey Huff, which is all Aubrey Huff really wants. And he can’t compete, intellectually, with the movers and shakers of the day, so he’s embraced the kind of guys who aspire to be “an Alpha” (Huff’s clothing line is called American Alpha, and its homepage features a shot of him wearing a T-shirt that says “Eat a Dick”), because those are the kinds of guys who are always looking for a big, dumb, tough guy to worship. From calling vaxxers “sheep” to demanding women be submissive to his “America, fuck yeah!” schtick, Huff is a study in overcompensation. One that even his former San Francisco Giants teammates thought was too much. Huff wasn’t invited to the team’s 2010 World Series Championship reunion.


So while I’m glad Huff is gone from Twitter, where I don’t have to see well-meaning people retweeting him into my timeline, I can’t help but wonder how much abuse and harassment, not to mention COVID misinformation, would have been prevented if Twitter had listened to the women who reported him for targeted abuse and promoting violence against women in the first place. After all, telling men it’s okay to kidnap and rape women seems at least as bad as telling people not to get vaccinated. But as Twitter has demonstrated time and time again, protecting women is not something they are interested in.

Like his hero Donald Trump. Huff is apparently trying to get around his Twitter block. It’ll probably go about as well.


It really says something about a person when they try to turn their name into a hashtag. I’m not sure what, but it says something.


Just like Huff, who ended his most recent IG post by saying, well, something.

I consider this a badge of honor!

I’ll never stop! Don’t you patriots!!

Smell ya later, Aubrey.