Both Drinkwitz and Harsin inked six-year deals to join the SEC, but have had history well beyond their current posts. Harsin’s first head coaching opportunity came at Arkansas State, and Drinkwitz was on his staff. As Boise State came calling to get Harsin out of Jonesboro, he brought Drinkwitz with him to the Mountain West. In 2016, Drinkwitz forged his own path and became the offensive coordinator at NC State. Before heading to Arkansas State, Drinkwitz got his start in college football under Gene Chizik at Auburn. The now-Mizzou coach hasn’t been back to where he got his collegiate start since 2013, when the Red Wolves traveled to play the Tigers.

On Tuesday, Drinkwitz said he’s indebted to Harsin for believing in him when not many did. He then pondered whether he’d still be in college football, much less with one of the coveted 64 Power Five Conference head coaching jobs, if not for Auburn’s current coach. In this ruthless gridiron business, combined with the win-now demands from AU boosters, Drinkwitz taking down his former mentor should put Harsin one foot out the door. They’ll give the former Boise State coach a huge amount to not be around their program anymore and back up another truckload of dough to bring in another coach to try and rectify the problems. That’s the circle of life in the SEC. You’ll get rich even if you do a shitty job. Winning on Saturday just prolongs the slippery poop slope for one of them. Only then they’ll have a chance to dig themselves out. I’ll go with Drinkwitz having a happy homecoming at Auburn. Keeping Harsin at the helm is only prolonging the inevitable.