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Audience Panhandling At Quite Frankly

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We don't mean to imply that the fine folks at "Quite Frankly With Stephen A. Smith" are still having trouble giving out (free) tickets to a potential studio audience, but we've been receiving a ton of emails from readers claiming that the show's "associate audience producer," Brian Dunphy is trolling message boards for specific teams, promoting the show and the tickets.


A quick Google search reveals several instances of Dunphy doing what he can to bring people to the show, hopping on various teams' boards and spreading the good word.

We, of course, have had our own experiences with "Quite Frankly" crew members. We encourage Mr. Dunphy to contact us for a comment invite; we have done our best to extol the gospel of Stephen A., and expect he will embrace the "great opportunity for some of your forum members to get together and meet up for an exciting sports show."

So, "forum members," whaddya think?

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